Peninsula Light Co., Gig Harbor WA

Peninsula Light Co., Gig Harbor WA

Overview of the Energy Zone System

Energy Zone (EZ) software operates in the Microsoft Windows environment and provides a very fast, easy to use, menu driven graphical User interface. No previous programming experience is needed to configure or operate any aspect of the system. All system configuration is User prompted fill-in-the-blank. Error checking will monitor all User input and alert the User to any out-of-range values. EZ is compatible with any other Microsoft Windows based application and can operate simultaneously with those applications in true multitasking fashion. Microsoft Windows comes with the EZ system. BAS also includes several useful Windows applications with the EZ system.

The heart of the EZ system is the Remote System Controller (RSC). The RSC is a 16 bit microcontroller, with full stand alone capability. The EZ system networks RSCs from an IBM PC-AT compatible host computer over an RS-485 communication trunk line. The PC contains the control algorithms for each RSC connected to the trunk line. Each RSC has a capacity of 28 control points. The PC host computer can control up to 256 RSCs, providing a system capacity of 7168 points. Each RSC can control up to 4 HVAC zones for a total of 1024. An optional RS-485 communication chip increases the system capacity to 1024 RSCs, 57,344 points, and 8192 zones.

Each control zone is provided with full system capabilities including its own PID control loop, alarm and control functions, trend logging, and intelligent default control. Larger numbers of RSCs can be controlled by networking PCs together. During system configuration, an Equipment Schedule is chosen for each RSC. A separate Equipment Schedule, with the appropriate control algorithms for that equipment, is available for 128 different types of HVAC equipment.

When an Equipment Schedule is chosen, the EZ software will prompt the User to input those parameters necessary for proper equipment control. The software then uses that configuration file to customize the control algorithm for that equipment. The configuration files can be changed at any time. An EPROM, or an optional battery backed SRAM, located on the RSC contains all Equipment Schedule default control algorithms. Dip switches located on the RSC select which Equipment Schedule is used for RSC default control.

On initial startup, or any time that communication with the PC is lost, the RSC takes over equipment control using pre-programmed heating and cooling setpoints. Additional versions of the EPROM chip are available for custom applications. The PC includes all software and algorithms for normal system control. When a communication link is established between an RSC and the PC, the PC retrieves data from all RSC inputs and determines the correct state for all outputs based on the configuration file for that RSC. All RSCs are monitored, and the outputs are configured, once every eight seconds.

The System software is available in languages other than English. The User can toggle on-the-fly between any two field defined languages.

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