Best Western - Tulalip Inn, Marysville WA

Best Western - Tulalip Inn, Marysville WA

Hardware Features

Command Center - The EZ system Command Center is a Microsoft Windows compatible PC running the latest release of the Windows operating system. A wide variety of PC hardware configurations are available.

EZ System Network - The EZ system utilizes the RS-485 protocol for all network communications. An external RS-232/RS-485 conversion device is used at the Command Center's serial ports. This Comm Port device is available in both standard and opto-isolated versions.

Remote System Controller (RSC) - The RSC is built around the NEC 78C10 microcomputer. Each RSC has a total capacity of eight digital outputs, eight digital inputs, eight analog inputs, four analog outputs, and two remote display modules. The RSC requires a 24 Vac power supply. All other voltages necessary for system operation are generated by an onboard power supply. This power supply provides for the RSC and all auxiliary devices.

All field wiring connects to the RSC with compression type screw terminals. The RSC is 5.5"x7" and is mounted in a metal enclosure. The RSC could be mounted in any dry location, but would be typically located near the controlled equipment. The RSC is UL listed under UL916, Enclosed Energy Management Equipment.

One RSC can control up to four individual pieces of HVAC equipment. Equipment Schedules are programmed into an EPROM that resides on the RSC. Positioning a dip switch on the RSC will determine which Equipment Schedule is used for RSC default control. Two sets of dip switches are located on the RSC. One set determines the Equipment Schedule and the other set is used for the RSC address and troubleshooting.

Two forms of communication are available at each RSC. RS-485 is used to communicate between each RSC and the PC. Up to 32 RSCs, or 128 RSCs with an optional communication chip, can be placed on each of eight trunk lines. Communication is on a standard 2-conductor, 18 AWG, twisted shielded pair (TSP), with all RSCs on a trunk line wired in parallel. An RS-232 connector is also available at each RSC and is the communication format used for the hand-held portable tester. A heartbeat LED monitor is located on the RSC. This LED indicates the operational status of the RSC. Two additional LEDs indicate all incoming and outgoing communication from the RSC to the trunk line.

Digital Inputs - Digital Inputs are created by routing 18 Vdc from the RSC power supply to the appropriate RSC input terminal through the field device. This field device could be anything with a set of dry contacts.

Digital Outputs - Digital Outputs at the RSC switch a triac which can directly switch loads up to 1 A @ 24 Vac. Each DO is accompanied by an LED that indicates the state of the DO.

Analog Inputs- All analog inputs are jumper selectable as 0-5 Vdc or 4-20 mA. The analog inputs are provided with a 18 Vdc power supply.

Analog Output Conversion Cards (AO) - All analog output signals originate with an AO card. AO cards provide 4 analog outputs and each output is jumper selectable as either 4-20 mA or 0-10 Vdc. The AO card connect to the RSC with a 16 pin ribbon cable and connector.

Wall Sensor - The standard analog input is a wall mounted enclosure using an LM-34 solid state temperature sensor calibrated to 0-5 Vdc output. An amplifier, filter and calibration pot are included on the LM-34 circuit card. A 3 conductor wire connects the sensor to the RSC. A push button extends from the cover for setback override. An optional setpoint adjustment pot allows the occupant to adjust setpoints up to a maximum +/- 10 F.

Duct, Well, and Outside Sensors - Temperature sensors are available in all necessary configurations for HVAC applications. All sensors are factory calibrated to a 0-5 Vdc output.

Hand-held Test Device (HTD) - The HTD is a menu driven RS-232 terminal that gives instantaneous access to all RSC data. The HTD connects to the RSC through a standard RJ-11 connector. The RSC supplies power. The RSC communicates with the HTD at 9600 baud. An optional cable is available that allows the RSC to communicate with any standard RS-232 terminal through a twenty-five pin connector.

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