Download BAS Demo

This page allows you to download a demonstration version of Energy Zone, a Direct Digital Control Building Energy Management System. The program will run on Windows 3.11, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, or XP. The minimum system requirements are an IBM compatible 80386 with 2 MB of memory, a mouse, a VGA color display, and a hard disk drive with 2 MB of free space.

This demonstration version is functional except that no data is being input from a trunk line so that all Remote System Controllers will indicate off-line. Those menu items that require data from the trunk line, such as Zone Status, Zone History, and Zone Troubleshooting will not work on the demonstration version.

To install Energy Zone after downloading, double-click on Bas_Demo.exe.
To start this demonstration following installation start Windows and click on the Building icon in the BAS program group.
The passwords are: Level 1 - HELLO1; Level 2 - HELLO2; Level 3 - HELLO3; Level 4 - HELLO4; Level 5 - HELLO5.

[SELECT] Download a Demo of BAS Version 3.9 (1.01 MB)

Thank You for trying Energy Zone.

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