Features & Benefits

ENERGY ZONE (EZ) from Building Automation Systems is a "State Of The Art" Direct Digital Control System for Building Automation and Energy Management. EZ provides all of the standard features you expect in a DDC system, in addition to the following unique features and benefits:

Quick Setup: EZ operates in Microsoft Windows, requiring no programming experience to install, maintain, or operate any Energy Management project.

Simplified Installation: Configuring the EZ Remote System Controller (RSC) is as simple as flipping a dip switch. Any equipment can be auto-configured using system defaults, with no input required. Just set a dip switch and energize the system.

Engineering Services: EZ is Pre-Engineered with Schematics for all HVAC Equipment Schedules. EZ system design, startup and testing services are available from BAS.


Sophisticated Control Features: EZ provides sophisticated control features such remote communication, alarm callout to fax and digital pager, trend and alarm logging, load shedding, smart recovery, outside air reset, PID Loop Tuning, and password security.

Minimum of Inventory: Advanced control algorithms residing at the RSC microprocessors allow one version of the RSC to be used for all Equipment Schedules.

Easy Maintenance: The rugged BAS handheld tester is menu driven for instant access to all RSC data for convenient field trouble shooting.


Comprehensive Support: Toll free 24 hour telephone support is available to all users. Our dedication to support is our distinction in the DDC market.

Microsoft Windows Compatibility: Any Microsoft Windows compatible software can be run with EZ in the background. Microsoft provides Free Windows Support.

2 Year Warranty: Rigorous factory quality control allows BAS to provide a FULL 2 YEAR WARRANTY on all EZ components.

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